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Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve been doing a news show for quite some time now and thought I’d post it here each week. This is real news, not the kind you get from the main stream media which is just lies and propaganda. The days of that media are quickly coming to an end.
The media is not functioning properly, it is very ill. The media’s function is to expose corruption, make people aware of the dangers around them, hound the criminals and politicians that are doing this country in and so much more. If the media was doing its job, the world would be a better place.
Six Jews run 96% of the media and this is very dangerous for the rest of the population. They have not been reporting minority on white crime for many years now and this crime particularly has exploded exponentially over the past two decades. This gives the American people a false sense of security and it’s just not so. If you are not careful, you could be the next victim of these heinous crimes being committed all over the nation on a daily basis.
I give you true news and unless it’s a special, it has a feature called “Black On White Crime’. You will now find out what the Jew run media has been hiding for decades. This is not to put you in fear. It is designed to help you and inform you of the dangers around you.
This show could help save your life or someone you love.

This week’s News Show AUGUST 31ST 2016


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David James


My 15th album finally released.

The new album is called Cryptonaut. I wanted to make some high energy music that would excite the listener, and words that would cause the listener to think. That is my purpose in this crazy world. I played all the instruments and sang plenty of vocals…more than I usually do. You have to listen to an album more than once to really get it. I remember years ago, I bought Jethro Tull’s “Songs from the wood” album and was disappointed…I was going to throw it into the trash. I gave it a few more listens and now it’s still in my top ten albums of the world. Goes to show you that it takes time to understand an artist’s work. I think you will really enjoy this music, if you really listen to it, no matter what music you listen to now. My musicianship and vocal abilities are still improving. There’s a song on this album that is in 13/4 time signature and it’s called “a miracle rising”. I love odd time signatures and find them interesting. Most listeners today only understand 4/4 timing and they have trouble understanding anything else. It’s a shame.
My drum parts are very intricate, if I do say so myself. Drummers of all levels can learn from my experience and playing ability. After all, my best selling song is my drum solo from King Kong Blues Vol.2. I am old school trained and I love the music from the 50s-70s. It was an incredibly creative time and I still write in that fashion to this day. If you want real music from a seasoned musician, I’d say you’ve come to the right place.
Just a note: I invented the word Cryptonaut just for this album. Thanks for visiting the site. Oh, yes, I should mention that this album contains the song, “Paul is dead” which I wrote after doing a deep study into the myriad of amazing facts relating to the Paul is dead drama. If you haven’t looked into it, you should, because it is extremely interesting. Supposedly, Paul McCartney died in a car crash in 1966 on a Wednesday morning. I know quite a bit about the Beatles and I’d have to say it could very well be true. He was replaced by William Campbell, a look a like who had operations to look more like and replace the original Paul. He was called Faul or false Paul. In my song I sing, “Faul is falling”, so now you know what that’s about. It’s funny because the Beatles totally changed in 1967. They toured no more and they had facial hair etc. As far as I am concerned, there are several that play Paul McCartney and at least three that play John Lennon. This, of course, is true of other so-called stars and world leaders. Look into it for yourself and be amazed!

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